AL/RM/TC9-23 - Acquisti, Logistica - Abruzzo, Chieti

For our client, one of the European independent leaders in transport and vehicle logistics, we are selecting for

Carrier pre transport Coordinator

The candidate ensure the proper management of international road transport flows within its perimeter

-        Manage transport providers contractualized by the client, to ensure customer performance

-        Take adequate measures in the event of supplier failure

-        Maintain a relationship with our privileged suppliers.

Daily follow-up of operations:

•             Manage transport flows to ensure the expected level in terms of quality / cost / Leadtime

•             Ensure a detailed and daily monitoring of the “Ready for Transport” volume on its perimeter:

o            Number of vehicles secured by transport suppliers

o            Ageing of vehicles

•             Take the necessary actions in the event of performance failure:

o            Challenge suppliers with their transport planning

o            Find internal or external alternative solutions and build offer to the customer

o            Alert the services concerned

•             Obtain visibility on the supplier's ability to ensure his commitment

•             Monitor the proper execution of transport operations both operationally and administratively

•             Ensure the consistency of data within the systems in relation to the activity

Adapt and optimize the means of transport:

•             Adapt the trucks loading plan according to need variations and contingencies

•             Update monitoring tables to ensure proper reporting of the activity

•             To know cabotage rules and Transport regulations

•             Dispatch manually vehicles ready for transport to the various contracted suppliers (if necessary).

Provide a communication, operational and administrative interface:

•             To be the dedicated interlocutor of a portfolio of European road suppliers

•             Provide the operational interface between suppliers, loading centers and other company departments

•             Animate and challenge suppliers to optimize the activity

•             Lead / participate in supplier performance reviews.

The ideal candidate has 3 years of experience in Transport Logistic and is fluent in English.

Location: Atessa (CH)